Lugh integrates Wert on-ramp platform

We are very pleased to announce that EURL has been listed on Wert and is now available for purchases.

Wert is a rapidly growing on-ramp platform which allowscustomers to buy crypto with traditional payment methods like debit/creditcards (Visa, Mastercard…) and bank transfers. Wert has already partnered withleading NFT projects like Rarible and Kalamint.

This listing will enable and facilitate theintegration of EURL on NFT and gaming platforms, especially on the Tezosecosystem.

After announcing that we are a Tezos Baker, and thatwe deeply want to be part of the Tezos ecosystem and its development, this newlisting highlight that desire. When it comes to on ramp module on Tezos, Wertis one of the first choices. So this is another step forward in the developmentof Lugh and the use of EURL.

If you are an NFT project and you want to use EURL, visit and contactWert to integrate their on ramp module.


Enjoy using EURL, see you soon !

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