What is Lugh ?

Lugh is positioned as the first player in the world to issue stable digital assets pegged to the euro in a trustworthy environment. These digital assets will be made available to players in the financial and commercial sectors to enable them to create new and innovative use cases for their customers.

What exactly is a fully pegged digital asset ?

A fully pegged digital asset is a new category of digital assets whose main characteristics is to offer stability. It is backed by a reserve asset, such as the Euros, and is designed to mirror the price of this asset on a 1:1 basis. It is therefore volatiliy-free and combines both benefits of digital assets and FIAT curencies.

What technology do you use and is it safe?

In order for our digital asset to be secured and for your transactions to be performed efficiently, we decided to have EURL issued on the Tezos blockchain. It is reknown for its reliability, power and flexibility. Recently, we launched EURL on Ethereum, one of the largest and most reliable blockchains. 

How is EURL different from other digital assets?

EURL offers all the usual benefits of digital assets: they are accessible to anyone, they enable quick and secured transactions with limited fees and can be easily traded online. However, most digital assets are often considered extremely volatile, making transactions riskier. As a euro-pegged asset, the value of EURL is pegged to the Euro, thus allowing this volatility to be significantly reduced.

How do I use EURL?

As any other digital asset, EURL has many use cases. You might want to use them for instant day-to-day transactions. You might also want to take advantage of our asset's stability to hedge against the volatility of the other assets you own. But, once more, EURL can be used in an infinite number of ways, depending on your personal needs.
There are three main ways to use EURL : on Exchanges, with On-ramp modules and to purchase NFT. 

Where can I trade EURL?

Like other digital assets available on the market, EURL can be traded on online exchanges. At this stage, EURL are available on Coinhouse, one of the French leading Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP), you can find all the place where you can trade EURL here. When you're not trading them, EURL are kept securely in our partners' digital safe, but you can access or remove them whenever you want!

How do I purchase EURL?

Depending on our partners' platforms and their wallet systems, you will be able to buy EURL using your credit card, bank transfer or other digital assets you own. Some plateforms, such as Coinhouse, offer all means of payment!

How do I sell / exchange EURL?

EURL can be sold or exchanged on our partners' exchange platforms using usual digital assets' transactions processes. You can exchange your EURL for other digital assets and cryptocurrencies or sell them for FIAT currencies such as Euros.

Who manages your reserves?

Our reserve is held in accounts managed by Societe Generale, and audited by a worldwide accounting firm, Deloitte. You can learn more about Societe Generale here.You can also access our reserves' statements here.

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