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Super easy to customize.

Fully pegged digital assets have become a must-have for digital asset investors, especially in times of uncertainty and volatility of the cryptocurrencies market. Combining this with the security ensured by the Tezos blockchain on which EURL are issued, there is not doubt that providing your customers with such a reliable digital asset will be of a great value and give you a great competitive advantage over your competitors

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Totally free and cloneable.

Whatever the volumes of liquidity your customers might need for their transactions, our partners are 100% able and ready to provide you with the according volume of EURL to satisfy your users and to support trading on your platform. You won't have to deal with liquidity issues so that your customers are never disappointed when willing to perform a transaction.

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-rency and compliance.

Together with our partners, our team is working towards the consolidation of a fully secured ecosystem, where digital asset investors can trust 100% their digital assets providers. By listing EURL on your platform, you and your customers will be guaranteed a full transparency and compliance with international regulations.